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Imagine. Jennifer Sharp / Naomi Greaves

Can giraffes swim? Do zebras have spots? I’ve never seen a cat play croquet. Have you? Imagine is a laugh out loud, fun story that lets our imaginations run wild. With wonderful, whimsical illustrations of creatures great and small, this is a delightfully entertaining read for all the family.

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I’m Just Little. Jennifer Sharp / Naomi Greaves

“Mummy I’m Just Little but I love you more. More than the daintiest daisy at dawn.” How do you tell your Mum and Dad how much you love them? I’m Just LIttle is a heart warming story about the ways we can express our love. Charming illustrations explore the relationships between parents and children as well as the majestic beauty of the Australian landscape and wildlife.

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Go Away Foxy, Foxy. Karen Hendriks / Naomi Greaves

A story of three brave little rabbits on an overnight adventure.

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Sass and Traz. Michelle Worthington / Naomi Greaves.

Now two books in this series, Sass and Traz are a couple of kids on a wonderful adventure in their local library.

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Watch Her Shine. Deborah Henry / Naomi Greaves

Princess Dembe – sole heir to the throne in the Beloved Land – is under threat when the evil Prince Damian vows he will be the most powerful King and take over the entire Kingdom. With little hope of the three fairies’ potion working to restore King Rumba’s weakening health, the Princess must act quickly to keep Prince Damian and his army out.

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