The importance of research

I have had in my mind for a while now a story about a pair of gibbons, brothers who are as different as brothers can be, but who learn from one another. It’s a lovely little story that I wrote for my nephews and I started the illustrations today.

Unfortunately, I thought that a few trips to the zoo would be ample research for a story about gibbons. Somehow on all of those zoo trips I failed to notice that gibbons don’t have tails! This tale needs a tail! It doesn’t work without one.

Not to worry, a solution has presented itself, instead of gibbons the characters are now possums. It’s a great solution because it’s allowed me to ‘Australianise’ the story.

Here’s the first sketches for┬áthe Possum Brothers – a tale about brotherly love and being yourself, most of the time.


New cover art for Allergiosaurus

Step by step I am learning and discovering how the process of publication works. Every step is so exciting and one step closer to going to print. Today my publisher for ‘Allergiosaurus’ has sent me some new cover art for approval.

I love it. A few tweeks to be made, but I love the feel of the new design. Almost there!


An old character remembered

Frannii the Forest Fairy has never had her story written down, I have pages and pages of drawings for her. A long time ago she featured on a range of inspirational greeting cards and long before that she entertained a classroom full of year 3 students.

She’s a cheeky fairy who often ends up in sticky situations. I feel like there is a story for her somewhere but as yet it hasn’t come to life.


frannii3Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall

Oliver Goldsmith