Illustrating a children’s book has been a long time dream of mine which is finally coming true. Story telling is a big part of my life both at work, as a teacher, and at home as a mum. It’s a way to excite, entertain, teach, engage, reward, delight and so much more. To be able to tell a story through my illustrations is a wonderful thing and I love to see the joy they bring to little hearts.

With a background in design and a more recent career in education, I have spent many franniistaryears daydreaming about characters and stories. I recently found a project I did as a teen which was a children’s book about a crocodile in the bathtub. Even then I loved to entertain my sisters and cousins with stories and drawings.

Many of the images you see on this page are from stories long forgotten, or ideas which were never fully formed. But this is just the beginning of my journey, there is still time, maybe one day they will be remembered, rethought, completed.




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